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Top 5 things to do!

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Planning on visiting Trinidad's North-East costal villages and wondering what is there to do once you've gotten there? Well wonder no longer! Here are our pick of the top 5 things to do when visiting Toco.

Kayaking along the Salybia river can be one of the most relaxing experiences you have while working up a good sweat! Paddle along the calm green waters in company of the many fresh water fish that swim alongside you and the sound of Bearded Bell Birds serenade you along your journey upstream.

Did you know, you can stand at the junction where 2 seas collide? At Galera Point, home of the famous Toco lighthouse, the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean clash together, but never mixes, creating a visible line where they both meet. An additional spectacle to witness while here, are the blow holes that erupt through the rocks.

Are you one for heading off the beaten path? Then there's a new journey awaiting you for each day of the week! With many waterfall and hike trails, you thirst for adventure would never go unquenched. Some trails even join together to create larger, connected networks, but must only be attempted with a knowledgeable guide.


With many open beaches, cozy bays and secluded coves, Toco is a haven for any beach bum. From surfing to sunbathing to fishing, there's no shortage of choices along this coastal playground.

No road-trip is complete without some good eats! There once was a time when getting something to eat in Toco was difficult as finding god gold as the old saying goes. But now, with anything from roadside vendors to hotel restaurants, you can get your belly-full on any day of the week!

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