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Our Top 5 Waterfalls To Visit

If you're reading this in 2021, you're probably feeling the same as we're feeling right now, we're having a serious waterfall tabanca! You're sitting at home planning all your local adventures once restrictions are lifted and you're wondering where can you go that you haven't been to as yet, well we're here to the rescue! Here's our favorite waterfall trips to take when next visiting Toco.


We're kicking it off with what is probably the easiest to access of all our picks. The Rampanalgas waterfalls are two cascading segments of this river that runs along the back of Rampanalgas Village. Getting to these falls is an easy 10 to 15 minute walk through the forest edge, accessed from inside Rampanalgas Village, where a local resident offers parking in their yard, for a small contribution of course (support local 😉). From here, it's easy to find, just follow the clear cut trail until you get to the river and you follow your ear from there. The lower pool, seen below, is quite deep and is not recommended for non swimmers, life preservers and safety personnel recommended (that's where we come in). The upper pool is wide, shallow and offers fun for everyone, from swimmers to non swimmers.


Now we head further up along the North Coast to a lesser known (and seen) gem, Homard waterfall. This may just be one of the hardest to get to, simply because the drive alone to get there may tire out many and if the drive doesn't do it, the hike sure will!

This waterfall sits on the Homard River just on the outskirts of Grande Riviere village. Now this river is a gem for the adventurers, because there isn't just one or two cascades, but discovering more will require a lot more out of even the avid hiker.

Oh and if you're afraid of snakes, you'd want to keep a keen eye on this trail!


Let's take you now all the way to the end of the road... literally! Matelot waterfall is located, as the name says, in the quiet, serene and beautiful village of Matelot.

There's two ways to get to this hidden gem, you can take a short downhill hike through the nutmeg trees scattered throughout the forest, or hike up the Matelot river. While the latter is much longer and tiring, the sheer number of extremely beautiful natural ponds and pools along the river is enough to leave you beyond satisfied.

After such a long drive you're bound to be hungry, be sure to grab lunch in Matelot or Grande Riviere from one of the local food stops.

Balandra Basin

What if we told you, you can enjoy three amazing spots in one long but rewarding hike? Well Balandra Basin is one of those three. Sitting in the forest between both Rampanalgas and Rio Seco waterfalls, getting to the Basin is a pretty moderate hike, with mainly uphill walking until the trail takes you to the top of the small cascade. This is another less popular spot, making it quiet and serene on even busy weekends. But for the fitness junkies among us, there are connector trails within the Matura National Park linking Balandra Basin, Rampanalgas waterfalls and Rio Seco into one long adventure!

Rio Seco

Leaving the best for last? We'd leave that for you to decide. By far the most popular of all our picks, you're almost never alone when you visit Rio Seco waterfall. The massive emerald green pool, the sound of Bearded Bell Birds, the towering Mora trees, the friendly (or hungry) river fishes, Rio Seco is a must see for any visitor. A relatively easy hike for roughly 45 minutes through the Matura National Park rewards you with this beauty! With one of the largest and deepest pools of any waterfall in Trinidad, we'd recommend having a life preserver on hand if there are non swimmers or weak swimmers in your group. Journeying deeper into the forest also takes you to the Sulphur springs, but that's a story for another post 😉

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