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People of Toco - Marley Palmer

Updated: May 13, 2021

When you think of Toco and music, we’re sure one of the names that first pops to your mind is that of Marley Palmer!

Marleys’ passion for music began way back in his days as a primary school student, in the village of Matura, where he was born and raised. But before the music, his passion was in art. He reflected fondly on drawing cartoon characters on the walls of his room, and his passion for art and creativity. He started singing during this period as well, at his class parties and with friends. With his parents actively supporting his love for music, and encouraging him to pursue it, Marley never turned back. His early influences in music came from Hip Hop and the Ragga Soca movement. But he remembers his early exposure to Reggae music, which he’s mainly known for, coming from his fathers’ somewhat religious routine of playing Bob Marley tunes at home. Coming to think of it, maybe that’s why his dad got the inspiration to name him Marley right?

After graduating from secondary school in Toco, his focus on pursuing music began to grow. While he would have taken part in competitions in the village during the Carnival season, it was only after leaving school, did he begin to drive towards his dream of hearing his music on the radio. During this time, he met various persons involved in music, carving his unique, Roots-reggae style music as a Trinbagonian artiste. In 2007, he released his first recorded song, “Healing of the Nation”, which he wrote while at work.

Marley is known for his positive, warm and “laid back” personality, and always wears a smile on his face. His desire is to continue using his music as a tool for promoting positivity, love and reliance on the Creator as our guidance in everyday life.

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